Make my own baby food!


If you could have extra time with your baby what would you do?

For me: Make my own baby food!

My twins have given me the chance to be a second mom again and I get to try out all the things I never did with my first. And the one big thing was make my own baby food. The first time around, I didn’t realize that I went for what was easier because I could. I was a working mom and the hours in the day I had just with Sam were so few. I needed to trust that what I bought in the store was good enough. I probably will still buy pre made baby food. But for now, I am taking some extra to be home with the girls and the best part, is I’m coming up on the growth period when they can start eating solids. Sweet! Today, I made corn from some extra corn we had.

This time home with the twins can be whatever I want it to be.

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