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Welcome Napa Valley College staff and faculty and who else might be visiting my blog. This week, I am asking for feedback on a Draft version of a “Frequently Asked Questions for Field Trips” for the Facilities Service / Risk Management Office.
I have been working with Susan Brinson in Facilities who’s role is risk management and coordinator of liability related to travel. She also does many other things at the college like coordinating campus reservations. Together, we have developed a set of questions to better inform and facilitate current and helpful information to all faculty, staff, and administrators of Napa Valley College with the intent to decrease the risk and liability the college faces when Napa Valley College students are traveling. This is part of an assignment for my grad school class Legal and Ethical Issues in College Student Affairs. To complete the assignment, I need your feedback.

Before Thursday afternoon of this week, please take a moment to click on Grad School at the top of this web page and scroll down to the section titled Draft Frequently Asked Questions for Field Trips.

  • Read over the draft.
  • Check to see if the information is helpful to you.
  • Think about what might be missing.
  • Then return to this blog entry and leave a comment.

    Cheers! Thank you!

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