Checking in “Eat Pray Love” style


With the memoir “Eat Pray Love” having its 10th anniversary, I decided to looked back through my own writing to see if I had any “Eat Pray Love” themes. I found this post from December 2012. After finding it, I made a few edits, uploaded a theme photo and put on the soundtrack. (I think my sister still has my copy of the book) Her time in India is still my favorite part. Thanks Liz!

As I write this, I notice it has been over 4 months since I have Checked In. Ironically, I am 4 months pregnant with Twins. It kind of explains where I’ve been. Tonight, I took some time to myself to finish watching “Eat Pray Love”. The India part is my favorite. Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for writing Eat Pray Love the memoir. And to Julie Roberts for doing such an amazing job bringing her story to the big screen.

I have to check in with Eat because if you asked me what I’ve been eating or enjoying, I have to be honest that pregnancy for some takes all your taste for food and even what you can handle from you for a while. I am one who has morning sickness. In away, the morning sickness has kept me away from really feeling anything more than tired. And I have now learned with Twins, when you think it has stopped, it comes back. I will always remember from my first pregnancy how the nurses said, morning sickness is what we want to hear, it means the babies are growing and are healthy. I am four months in and happy to say feeling much better.

These last four months have brought on much introspective and often times looking to prayer and some sort of answer. I never imagined twins or three children. My husband and I did not want our son Sam to be an only child and tried for another baby. What we have experienced has left us truly believing that the real big things in life are not in your control. So, these last four months have left me in shock, in awe, and yet amazed once again. What I thought I was meant to do right now or what I thought were my hidden talents, I am surprised to discover that the universe saw something in me I did not see in myself. The peace that my life is changing dramaticly is finding its way. The excitement is starting to grow. What I can’t lose in all of this is moments to myself to enjoy life. Moments, where there is no planning, no organizing, just doing something simple like watching “Eat Pray Love”.

Love is huge. We all need love. It could be the love through support, through hugs, through taking better care of ourselves. We also have to find the love in what happens to us, even if it leaves us smiling or hurting. These last four months, have brought on many moments that I have been scared of what is to come. Will the love my husband and I have hold us together through the hard parts? Will I still love my life? Then I see my son Sam smiling at me, or my husband playing “Love Actually” for me on his iPad and I remember, love is all around and this new life will bring a love I never imagined.

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