3. Quality Programming

Graduates should be able to design and implement high quality and multi-faceted student programs which enhance student learning and personal development. Specifically, students should be able to demonstrate

a. the skills necessary in conducting accurate needs assessment;
b. an understanding of the dynamics involved in student learning in the co-curriculum;
c. the ability to write program mission statements and to articulate desired student learning outcomes;
d. the ability to design and implement creative and effective student program.

Evidence One
NVC ASB/Student Government Leadership Program

One of my jobs as the coordinator of student life is to advise the student government. Since being at Napa Valley College, I am most proud of reestablishing the learning and significance of serving in student government. When I first arrived at NVC, the student government met twice a month and only had six members. At their meetings, board members were unproductive and were not accountable for their actions. Today, student government has an average of fifteen board members that attend the weekly meetings, plan monthly campus events and serve as student representatives on senate committees. Through my leadership I designed and implemented mandatory attendance to weekly board meetings, one office hour a week, member of an event planning committee and be a member of a campus committee. I address the issue of low interest in student government by devised creative incentives to interest students to come out and run for student government, such as; leadership retreats, free parking, 10% off text books, a desk, computer and copier access and an ASB scholarship and graduation stole.

Now students who participate in student government experience a quality lead student program. I understand the dynamics involved in student learning in the co-curriculum. I made the connection between the learning that happens in being a student representative and the experiences they will take with them after college. Click here to read the 2008-2009 ASB Elections Packet.

Evidence Two
NVC Student Life Mission Statement

In the fall of 2005, as part of a program review, I created the mission statement and values for the Student Life department.

Student Life Mission Statement:
The mission of Student Life is to support the development of the whole student by providing opportunities to connect and learn from other students, faculty and staff through:
-serving in student government
-being part of a campus club
-being part of a campus committee
-attending an event or conference on campus.
Student Life values and supports:
-The college experience
-Social justice
-Building community
-Respect for all people
-Learning from each other
-Having fun

Evidence Three
ASB/Student Government Student Learning Outcomes

Around the same time I did the program review for the Student Life department, Napa Valley College begin the implementation of Student Learning Outcomes. I designed the following SLOs for students serving on the ASB Student Government Board.

After serving in the ASB, students will be able to:
1. communicate concerns, ideas, and needs and ask relevant questions. Students will be able to resolve conflict through communication.
2. self mange time, and facilitate projects and groups.
3. write and describe ASB involvement on a resume.
4. be confident enough to interact with groups different from their own and be able to share their own culture and identity.
5. interact professionally at meetings and effectively represent others opinions.
6. communicate their top five leadership strengths.

Assessment tools
-ASB Minutes documenting attendance and participation at board meetings.
-Mid-Semester Evaluations
-Event Evaluations
-Scholarship Application which ask students to write a cover letter and resume about serving in ASB.
-Annual Report showing the number of cultural based events the group sponsors.
-Final Project in Leadership Seminar course
-Present at an ASB board meeting about the workshops they attended at CCCSAA.
-Participation in the Strengths Finder workshop at fall leadership retreat or will meet with the coordinator of student life to review results.

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