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Best Part of Being a Dad? Showing Them the World


Last month, I asked my mom friends about their favorite part of being a mom. The running theme that emerged from their answers was over-the-top hugs. This time around, for Fathers Day, I found that the dad response carried a huge amount of pride for being their childrens’ dad. These dads reflected on how important it is that who they are to their child matters and what their child teaches and gives back to them.

“Circle of life….. a dutiful contribution to my universe, hopefully resulting in her contributing greatness to hers.”- Nate Campbell

“Cuddling with my kids at night before they fall asleep.” -Kevin Estrella

“The moments my children surprise me and genuinely make me laugh. Also the ever expanding love I feel for my wife as a result of raising children together.”-Chad Elliot Scherbarth

“Being an empty Nester! LOL”- Serge Alexandre

“I’m inspired by this quote from Elizabeth Stone: ““Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” …Seeing my heart outside of my body, learning, growing, and developing into his own person. Listening to him read, seeing him write, tell his own stories and silly jokes, and make up his own songs!”- Gaurav Mathur

“Introducing Sam to the things I like.” -Matthias Worch

“To be a little selfish, my favorite part of being a dad is seeing the world again through new eyes, and being able to marvel at it all again.”-Seppo Helava

“The best part of being a “Dad”  is watching as your children grow and experience life. The joy of their laughter and learning the consequence’s of their there actions and interactions with other children (and adults). The best part is when you see your children mature and change from being “self-centered” to “other-centered”. When they show they care about other peoples feeling and situations and put them ahead of there own wants and needs. That is when they show that they have learned from your teaching and good example, good religious and moral values to carry them through their life. Just as you teach your children to eat good food you also must teach them good values to carry them in their adult life. I am just as  proud of the achievements of my son’s in their adult life as I am of all that they achieved as children.”-Rick Estrella

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