4. Assessment and Evaluation

Graduates should be able to evaluate both the processes and desired outcomes of student affairs programs and services. Specifically, students should possess the skills necessary to

a. gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data from students and programs;
b. read with understanding the published research on higher education;
c. conduct and write a program evaluation report.

Evidence One
The Community College Transfer Student and Greek Life, Qualitative Research Project

In the CSA 562 Today’s College Students course I chose to research if community college transfer students go Greek. Since my focus in my job is student life, I spend most of my time organizing and developing student groups. The one area of student life that is not offered at community colleges is Greek life. While doing research for my assignment, I gathered and analyzed qualitative and qualitative data about the community college transfer experience. I added to the field research, by leading my own focus group with transfer students who joined Greek life and who did not. Click here to read a summary of the results and recommendations: The Community College Transfer Student and Greek Life

Evidence Two
Moving in, Moving through, Moving Out, Nancy K. Schlossberg’s Transition Theory PowerPoint

During the CSA 552 Process of Adult Development course, I was asked to research a student development theorist, understand their theory and develop two examples of student development experiences that could benefit from their theory. I chose to research Nancy K. Schlossberg’s Transition Theory. Through my research I became familiar with her book she wrote with Chickering called “Getting the Most out of College” (2005). Chickering and Schlossberg argue that traditional age four-year university college students transition through college in three stages; moving in, moving through and moving out. In my assignment, I compared a community college student with their theory and came to the conclusion that community college transfer students experience the “moving in, moving through, moving out” theory twice. Once when they graduate from high school and come to the community college and then once again when they transfer and begin their university experience. Click here to read the PowerPoint presentation from the course assignment:  “Moving in, Moving Through, Moving Out, Nancy K. Schlossberg’s Transition Theory”.

Evidence Three
Peer Journal evaluations

In the CSA 551 Introductions to College Student Affairs course, I was required to review peer journals with the intention to understand and implement research methods and outcomes. I learned how to find and interpret published research on higher education. Click here to see two journal abstracts: Peer Journal evaluations

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