Giving Thanks


To my husband Matthias Worch, I share this degree with you. You are my rock, my love and my partner. You were there when I felt overwhelmed. You were patience when I needed to finish a paper and you hugged me when I needed it most. Thank you. I love you.

To my sister Melissa Estrella, thank you for cheering me on, for always listening and giving advice, and for becoming my friend.


To my parents Michael and Patty Estrella, thank you for giving me a strong foundation to achieve my dreams. I love you and I am very happy and grateful that I can share this achievement with you.


To my fellow cohort members Heather, Tira, Shauna, Suzie, Liz and Erin, a toast to our achievement! And too imagine our cohort started with fourteen people. Thank you for keeping each other strong! I had a lot fun getting to know you and look forward to staying in touch.

To my Saturday study partner and friend Marical, thank you for joining me on this journey. You motivated me and made studying fun.


To my office assistants Shanna and Audrey, thank you for doing great work, being patience and supporting me.


To all my ASB board members, thank you for cheering me on, celebrating with me when I got an A in a class and believing in me.


To my friends Marta, Kristina, Maria, and Martha, thank you for inspiring me.

Special thank yous
To my professors: Dr. Carol A. Lundberg , Dr. Sharyn Slavin Miller, Dr. Dennis A. Sheridan, Dr. Brandon Hill, Dr. Ann Hamilton, Dr. Dave McIntire, and Dr. Gail F. Buck.

To my Capstone Portfolio Committee
Jill Schrutz, Dean of Financial Aid and EOPS, Napa Valley College
Oscar De Haro, Vice President of Student Services, Napa Valley College
Jerry Somerville, Ph.D, Articulation Officer, Napa Valley College

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