10. Managing Conflict and Crisis

Graduates should have the ability to deal effectively with interpersonal conflict and campus crises. Specifically, students should be able to

a. provide leadership and positive solutions to resolving interpersonal conflicts;
b. respond calmly and thoughtfully to campus crises;
c. provide support to individuals, both students and employees, who have been adversely affected by interpersonal conflict or a campus crisis.

Evidence One
“Mental Health Issues and the Community College Student”, Workshop

During the CSA 583: College Student Affairs Counseling Issues and Practice course, I was asked to research and design an counseling crisis effecting today’s college campuses. The hottest topic at NVC at the time of the assignment was managing mental health students in crisis. I chose to team up with Ken Arnold, NVC Chief of Police and Denise Layten NVC Licensed M.F.T., to present a workshop for staff and faculty at flex day. The main areas we focused on were assessing a student in crisis, crisis intervention, and counseling tips and tools. Click here to review the PowerPoint: “Mental Health Issues and the Community College Student”, Workshop

Evidence Two
Member of Emergency Text ad hoc Committee

During the CSA 543 Course: Legal and Ethical Issues in College Student Affairs course, I evaluated NVC’s Emergency Operation Plan. I discovered that the campus was prepared for a natural disaster such as a flood or fire. However, the group to handle mental distressed students or a campus shooting was inactive. Unfortunately, the shootings at Virginia Tech motivated the whole country to reevaluate their response to mental health related student violence. Since campus police was familiar with my report they asked me to join the ad hoc committee on implementing a text message emergency system, ALERT U. Click here to read more about the program at NVC: NVC ALERT U Website.

Evidence Three
Managing CalWorks Student Workers

In my role as the coordinator of student life, I often advise and listen. I also have the responsibility to manage the ASB Office. The college provides me with two student workers from the CalWorks program. When I first started at the college, I was given only one student worker who was funded through Federal Work Study. Since I have increased the level of students participating and services, the college now provides me with two student workers. Two years ago they shifted the funding from Federal to CalWorks. The shift has been both a challenge and a reward. Students who qualify in the CalWorks program are often single parents, receiving aid toward day care, college and work. I have found myself often having to play the role of boss and crisis manager. As their leader, I provide positive solutions to resolve interpersonal conflicts through staff retreats, monthly staff meetings and Strengths Based Advising. These students balance young children, school, work and a social life. My student workers have taught me how to manage almost anyone. Click here to learn more: NVC CalWorks Website

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