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Student Testimonials

“If your actions inspire others
to dream more, learn more,
do more, and become more,
you are a leader.”

– John Quincy Adams

Student Leaders, Club Advisors, and Student Assistants Testimonials

“I worked with Victoria for 2 years in my Canada College life! As a senator and as a new advisor, we started Associated Students of Canada College (ASCC). While I was working with her, I could feel her responsibilities for all students. She always listened student voices and made an effort to communicate with students for making better college life. When I joined to ASCC, I was little nervous because I was the only international student. However, Victoria always encouraged me to be involved. She is amazing at being able to find a students hidden ability and maximize it. She was a great advisor who was instrumental in my graduation from college. I will forever be grateful for her help and service.”-From Dennis Doo Young Jung, Senator, 2010-2012, Associated Students of Canada College

“Canada College was a place that changed my life from a lazy full time gamer with no future hopes and ambitions to one of the most active students on campus with an acceptance letter into the business school at UC Berkeley. This success was because of the faculty and staff that helped guide me onto the correct path. One of the most important was my student government advisor Victoria Worch. I served as the treasurer for student government from 2011-2012. During my time there, Victoria always made time for me to go over the books together to make sure our expenses matched up, her door was always open and she was always very excited to see her fellow students. She was more than an advisor to me, she was a great friend as I feel that I could have personal life conversations with her and ask her for advice.” -From Tristan Sheldon Treasurer, 2010-2012, Associated Students of Canada College, Undergraduate Business Major Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

“I think I grew under Victoria’s advising more than any other period in my life. She has a way of turning students that may be interested in helping their school a bit into true leaders capable of effecting real, positive change around them. During my time in the Associated Student Body of Napa Valley College, I went from some kid wandering around campus to a young adult that knew she was capable of so much more than she had imagined. Victoria doesn’t mold you into something you’re not; she guides you to unlock the skills inside yourself and shows you not to be afraid of what you can be or do… And then she shows you how to do that for others.” –From Sara Morgado, AS President, 2006-2007 Associated Students of Napa Valley College

“My journey began in an interview room which was also a very welcoming room thanks to my great supervisor Victoria. I am a very shy person and didn’t speak up when I was suppose to and Victoria pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and become the leader I am today. By the end of my first semester under her supervision I was not shy to go up to people and talk about our department and events. I become more outspoken, I become the leader I was meant to be. Victoria is just a great advisor and manager, she works with your strengths not your weaknesses unless you need to be given that little push. Victoria has a way of impacting people in a positive way, she wants her students to succeed and be the person they want to be. She is just an amazing person, and I will truly miss her. ” –From Angelica Mendoza, Student Life and Leadership Assistant Center for Student Life and Leadership Development Canada College (2012-present)

“As a faculty member who was on Victoria’s hiring committee ( and initially opposed her selection!), I cannot say enough good things about her. From her personal ethic to her work ethic, whoever hires her will be blessed. In her short tenure at Canada College she changed the culture of student life both substantially and for the better. She organized, yet she sees the value in taking calculated chances. She is detailed, yet rarely gets lost in the weeds. She has empathy for students while still knowing how and where to draw lines. She is quite simply, a joy to be around.” -From Paul Roselli, Canada College Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Advisor (2010-present)

“Through the Associated Students of Canada College program Victoria has taught me the importance of passion, organization and most importantly, kindness. Her work ethic is one which ties all of these values together, and it has led me closer towards not only accomplishing my dreams, but also in making sure I am well prepared for daily tasks and in speaking up in group settings. All in all, Victoria’s kindness and confidence have inspired me to become a more fearless person.”-From Keri Ferrari, Senator, 2012-2013 Associated Students of Canada College

“I learned a great deal from Victoria! She is a strong, but gentle leader. Victoria took a backseat role during meetings and event planning, so we could try our hand at strategizing, organizing and carrying-out projects and events. Yet, she was always available, clued into every aspect and very knowledgeable. Victoria is a valuable resource, great encourager and incredible student-abler!” -From Katelyn McLeod, Public Relations Officer, 2007-2008 Associated Students of Napa Valley College

“Victoria was the first student advisor I began to work with and since the beginning I found her to be an incredibly approachable person. While learning the ropes of student government, Victoria was always there to answer my questions as in depth as possible. Within meetings, she kept us on task. Because of her professionalism, the group had the structured base necessary for us to thrive as a student body organization. She motivated me to execute the plans I had and because of her support I feel that I became fearless within group settings in expressing my beliefs, opinions and ideas.”-From Lexie Munevar, Commissioner of Publicity and Senator, 2012-2013 Associated Students of Canada College

“I returned to college in the spring semester, after a long leave of absence and Victoria made me feel welcome when I felt out of place. One of the things I noticed immediately was that everyone respected her and valued her opinion. Victoria has a great way of giving direction without being bossy. She can work with people’s weaknesses to help them improve. I strongly believe that thanks to Victoria, I am a better leader.”-From Marian Eloisa, assistant and summer Mascot, 2012-2013 Associated Students of Canada College



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