FERPA Government Homepage
Must bookmark!
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (ERPA) government homepage. Straight to the point. All updated information you will need on FERPA.
University of North Texas

Looking for a quick FERPA Training? Visit this site. They have provided their employees, students and parents section of the campus web page on FERBA. It is clear and easily accessible to important information on understanding the purpose and process of FERPA.
Constitution Day

As many colleges and universities now know, every year there must be an event on campus for constitution day. Looking for ideas? Always check out the excellent home page that has been created specifically for Constitution Day.
First Amendment Center

If you are an advisor to the student government or work closely with college students interested in activism, take a moment to bookmark the First Amendment Center homepage. You would be surprised by how much freedom of expression students are allowed to have.
Supreme Court’s Home Web Page

A very simple site. There are no advertisement or fancy pictures. The site is also updated daily. The site offers links to where you can find Briefs of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
101 Things for the First Three Weeks

Article by Joyce T. Povlacs, Teaching and Learning Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This list has great retention ideas that could prevent disciplinary. As many of us know, there is a strong connection between retention and disciplinary issues.
College Drinking-Changing the Culture, Stats and Summaries

Looking for Silent Programming Alcohol stats? Check out this link to their web site is an excellent resource for Silent Programming regarding college drinking. This particular link is to “A snapshot of annual high risk college drinking consequences.
The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and other Drug Preventions
Starting parent orientations? Consider using this parent’s guide. This particular guide might appear a little 1950s but still provides the necessary talking points parents need when talking to their teenager about alcohol and drug use.
Pima Community College Disciplinary Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations
Excellent example for colleges that are looking for a new way to present Code of Conduct policy on the web. What I like particular with this site is how they have a link for Student Resources along with Student Rights and Responsibilities. It shows the campus believes in their student services as a way to help and be proactive when it comes to discipline issues.
University of Southern Maine’s Alcohol & the College Experience
Bookmark! Bookmark! They even have a link to a survey that says Did you receive a 21st birthday card from us? If so, take our survey. The page does a fabulous job of being proactive and clear about using alcohol at their campus. A+ resource!
Ld Online In Depth

Wow! Bookmark! Bookmark! The site describes itself by saying it is the works leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD. I agree! The site has everything you need to know and subjects you might not even considered. The resources can easily be used for Silent Programming or workshop training.
Is a great technology knowledge 101 web site. The site has thousands of definitions of the most current information on tech knowledge computer and internet terms.

An online journal about managing and using information resources on college and university campuses. This particular link is to Current Issues for Higher Education Information Resources Management. The journal was posting in 1999; however, the journal is still relevant. The article asks questions such as “how much staffing in the IT department will your campus need?”
Workforce Management Magazine
Sometimes, tapping into the private sector for advice can make a huge difference. The site offers Hot Topics articles about employment issues among the work force you might not be aware of.
Is a web community for residential life at the college and university level. The site offers tons of informative, current and helps guides for managing residential life. Visit the ‘The housing university” section for crisis management related information.
National Mental Health Association Coping with Disaster
Bookmark! Bookmark! Great site for finding advice on how to organize effective programming around a crisis issue such as a disaster. They even include advice for advising students around the issue of war.
National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA)
The site is a great resource for Asian college students, their families and student affairs staff advising the mental health and well being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders students.

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