Remembering my Grandma


These last few days have been filled with great joy and unexpected sorrow. On Friday, I found my wedding dress while shopping with my mom. In the evening, I enjoyed a great visit with my Dad, his father and Matthias. This morning, I sent off my final paper. But in all of our thoughts is my Grandma Betty. She passed away unexpectedly Thursday afternoon. The last time I saw her was last weekend at church. I feel really grateful that I was able to bring Matthias to mass last Sunday. She was in great spirits and so happy to see him there. We laughed, sang along and she told us stories as we drove her home. My Grandma and I have been attending church together regularly for over 8 years now. These last few months, I would drive her home from mass since her car wasn’t working.

I ask if you could keep my family in your thoughts over the next month. Especially for my Dad and his brothers and sisters, it is their first parent to pass. Many of them will be traveling out of state to visit. I hope my cousins can come too.

My Grandma always knew how to laugh, forgive and enjoy life. She loved to dance, volunteer and take walks. I will miss her. It probably won’t hit me until the next time I am driving to mass, late as usual. I will try to find a parking spot, walk fast to the church doors, come in, bless my forehead with holy water and see if I can see her sitting in the second row. Then I will find my place, say a prayer and know she is right there with me.


  1. I am deeply sorry for your loss. But I am also impressed and happy for your positive energy and spirit.

    She will never be forgotten in the souls that loved her and knew her,


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