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Ein wunderschoner Tag heute! It’s a beautiful day today! Life is good. The vines are beginning to bloom. My students are on Spring Break which is giving me time at work to catch up and take some time off myself. Matthias is soo close to finishing the video game he is working on. Maria and I are making it to the gym. Marta and I met up to shop for Bridesmaid dresses. We had a blast. In a few days, I will finish my final paper and then I get a break from classes until June.
Latest Highs:

Watching Casino Royal. Soo good! A must see. Another great James Bond film.

Deciding to run instead of walk on the bike path. Wow! I was listening to Faith Hill’s “Stealing Kisses” (great song by the way). And, all of sudden, I let go of all my thoughts and ran. Something I have not done in soo long.

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  1. Hello Vic! It’s nice to hear that you are doing great. As for the James Bond movie, that is one of the best movies I have seen. It is really great.

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