Thank you


Sometimes being a grad student, life can be very stressful, exciting and unknown. One day you feel like you have it all under control, and then the next day you are wondering how are you going to get all these assignments done. If there is one thing I have learned, it is the importance of letting others around in on the action. Take time to lean on family, friends, partners, cohort members and co-workers for support and encouragement. Here are a few thank you’s I want to share:

  • Matthias, thank you for making me laugh, and giving me a hug when I most need it.
  • Missy, thanks for always listening to when I call and for being the best sister I could ever ask for.
  • Mom and Dad, thanks for believing me and checking in on me when I most need it.
  • Maria and Marta, thanks for always asking me “how are you doing?” because, i know you really care and mean it.
  • To my awesome cohort: Tira, Heather, Shawna, Liz, Susie and Eirn. Ladies, thanks for being part of this amazing experience. You all rock and are going to finish this program with me!
  • I want to thank my students who follow through on their responsibilies. It makes it so much easier on me as I balance work and school.
  • I want to thank my health body and my car. Without you two..I could not do it!
  • Universe, thank you for all the beauty that surrounds me and the life you have provided for me.

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