Homework vs Relaxing


Another break, another chance to write papers.
At this moment in time I am finishing “Managing People, a guide for department chairs and deans” for my book review paper, and “researching the GI Bill and its lack of funding for today’s college vets” for my critical issue paper due Jan. 7.
In the back of my mind I have to start writing the outline for the book review paper due Jan. 9 and schedule a visit to Pacific Union College for my compare/contrast paper that needs to be written by Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. Ohh yeah, and in the middle of it all I have to do my first draft for the Capstone of the 1 -4 compencies and philosophy of student affairs by Jan. 15.

So the question is do I relax or do homework? I figure if I do a few hours of homework a day..I can relax the rest..balance, right? When is Graduation again? May 3, 2008!! The count down begins…

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