Matthias, the next character on HEROES


One of the hottest new shows on T.V. is Heroes. I have only watched part of one episode but I kind of know the story line. For all you Heroes watchers, I think I have a new character for you to look out for, my boyfriend Matthias.

On this past Saturday morning, Matthias was on his way to the Oakland Airport to see his friends in Seattle. Later on in the morning, I was going to head down to San Luis Obispo to see my sister Missy and friends Marta and Natalya. As Matthias was driving down 116 hwy towards hwy 37, he had just passed our favorite winery Cline, and something happen. As he went to make the turn, he flew off the road. As he flew off the road, his car his a tree and slide down the side of the road. He is not sure how long he was in his car but was able to get out, and walk to the top of the road. Another car stopped, allowed them to use their cell phone and he called the CHP. Matthias was taken to the hospital. I received a call a few hours later to come see him.

It was pretty scary. They kept him at the hospital for tests. He was laying flat on his back with his neck in a brace. A few hours later, the tests came back and just like that, I could take him home. The only thing he suffered was a concussion. Matthias had no broken bones. He can walk, talk, and really enjoy life once more.

If you saw his car, you would understand why Matthias is now the new character on HEROES. Gracias Universe!


  1. You forgot to tell them about all the metal staples that keep my head together!! Those staples reroute all cellphone radiation straight into my brain and give me phychic superpow4r!

  2. Whoo! Vic is blogging now!!

    (you should watch more Heroes. It is looooooove.)

    PS: Glad to see Matthias is okay :) (I wish I had psychic superpow4rs)

  3. Yeah! Another great show I can discusse with you. I love heros too! I think Hiro is great!
    Totally glad Matthias is okay. It was definitly very scary there for awhile.

  4. If Matthias made it through the crash with only a few staples to the head, does that make him the Cheerleader. 😉 Save the cheerleader save the world.

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