My First NASPA Regional Conference


Attention all Student Affairs Professionals! Start looking through your travel conference budget at work and see if your college will sponsor you to attend your regional NASPA conference. Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Regional V and VI NASPA conference in San Francisco.
Highlights from the conference were:
*Attending the Women Listener’s workshop where I met Beth Hellwig-Olson, Dean of Students at Gonzaga University.
*Thursday’s night reception at the Giants Baseball Stadium ATT Park. Way cool!
*Being part of the Dorothy J. Keller New Professionals Institute 2006. The 2 day institute allowed me to network with other first time NASPA conference attendees. I think the best part about it was most of the participants were graduate students. It was nice to share the craziness and success of being in grad school in Student Affairs. The guest speakers lead discussion on becoming the best leader for your campus, how to see the greatness in yourself and your future in Student Affairs.

On Friday, was the main part of the Regional Conference. I went to workshops on International Students, Academic Advising and the many generations of people working and attending today’s college campus. It was so much fun hearing about what my generation, Generation X (went to high school between 1980 to 1999) is like. For example: they say we are very independent because our parents went to work and left us to take care of ourselves at home. I see our need for independence linked to how responsible we are today. Just think about our motto we can take care of ourselvesĀ. How many generation X’s do you know who still live at home with our parents?

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