Published Work

I’m currently a writer for www.twiniversity.com and Multiplicity Magazine. Prior to that, I wrote for the NASPA Women in Student Affairs Blog. The following is my published work sorted into my three strongest areas of writing: my own story, helpful tips and advice, and interview pieces.

My professional goal is to be a monthly columnist or contributing writer for a national women’s or parenting magazine and/or local newspaper.

Subject: My own story

“Jumping Back into the Workforce After Twins-Part 2”  published March 24, 2016

“Stay at Home Mom’s Bucket List” published March 10, 2016 http://twiniversity.com/2016/03/astayathomemomsbucketlist/

“I used to love my  job. Now I love my life.” published February 12, 2015

“From 1 to 3: Supermom to Superhuman” published July 4, 2014

My Camino” published Feb. 26, 2014

Subject: Helpful Tips, advice

“Making a connection in a digital world” pg. 30 published Jan. 11, 2016 Multiplicity Magazine Winter 2016 issue http://issuu.com/twiniversity/docs/multiplicity_winter2016_single_/30?e=3871276/32711612

“Feeling a Little Stressed? HALT Can Help Save Your Sanity” published Oct. 18, 2015  http://twiniversity.com/2015/11/feeling-a-little-stressed-halt-can-help-save-your-sanity/

“gone girl: essential gear for moms on the go” published July 14, 2015 http://issuu.com/twiniversity/docs/multiplicity_summer2015_single_/c/sc1vmsm

“Ways to Take Back the Apron” published April 21, 2015, pg 60, Multiplicity Spring 2015 Magazine

“Holiday Volunteering for the Whole Family” published December 5, 2014


“8 Days a Week x Twins: Planning a Schedule for Toddlers” published November 28, 2014

“Circle Time in 5 Moves” published September 27, 2014

“Maternity Leave 25 Tips from a Student Affairs Pro Mom” published August 19, 2014

Subject: Interview pieces

“How to Start Your Own Twin Club” published February 6, 2016

Homework Multiplied: Advice From School-Age Twins and Triplets” published September 9, 2015 http://twiniversity.com/2015/09/homework-multiplied-advice-from-school-age-twins-and-triplets/

“Having Mixed Feelings About Raising Twins? Find Your Mantra” published June 7, 2015

“Jumping Back Into the Job Market After Twins” published February 28, 2015

Bonus Interview Piece:
This piece I wrote for my own blog. It has not been published anywhere else but it did bring in the most visitors to my blog. I interviewed seven local stay-at-home parents about the field of stay-at-home parenting. I intentionally wrote the piece for Labor Day weekend reading as a way to highlight the hard work and passion behind stay-at-home parenting that sometimes we forget because it is not financially compensated.
“The field of of stay-at-home parenting: a vocation worth receiving” published Sept. 4, 2015, http://www.victoriaestrella.com/2015/09/02/the-field-of-stay-at-home-parenting-a-vocation-worth-receiving/

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