Getting an A in grad school


I have discovered that getting an “A” in a grad school course is very important in the survial of graduate school. I got my first A this past summer in my “Student Learning in the Co-Curriculum” class. For the first time, I felt that my writing had finally even up with graduate school writing. I also started to feel like I had something to offer the field of Student Affairs. I’ve never been about focusing on grades, but for some reason, getting an A in a graduate course shifted my way of thinking. The A said to me; yes you can do it! And, yes you too have something to offer the field.


  1. My dear friend! you have SO much to offer the field! when i am blessed to be in class with you, i always marvel at your insight! !

    i am so glad you have joined the blogging/website ranks! you are bookmark!

    love you girl!

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