Since finishing graduate school, I have been enjoying yoga, catching up on my television watching, hanging out with friends, and jumping in full speed into my role as the President-Elect of the CA Community College Student Affairs Association. The President-Elect position is similar to the vice president role. I am serving with a great group of fellow student affairs professionals. The best part is I’m forming friendships with all of them. It is so important for me to keep networking since I am a single person department which happens a lot on community college campuses. Since budgets are so small, many times, one person is managing student government and student activities. During our CCCSAA board bi-weekly conference calls, I share any challenges I might be facing with my students or the programs I am leading. Otherwise, I probably would not be calling out for help.

The one thing I am learning from this experience is I like being a mentor and helping new advisors become familiar with the field of Student Affairs and Student Life. This December will make it seven years in my role as the Coordinator of Student Life. As the President-Elect, I’ve taken on co-coordinating the professional conference in Napa next March, am in charge of the professional and student scholarships, and just finished with co-organizing the Advisor reception at the Student Senate Fall General Assembly. We had 60 advisors there! Adrienne, the President and Carlos, the Student Senate Liaison and I did an awesome job. We were able to create an experience for advisors to discuss hot topics, such as free speech and balancing work and life outside of work, and have fun networking at the same time.

I’ve also realized that for many years now, I have managed my office, advised student leaders and studied leadership. But this President-Elect experience will be my own personal leadership experience. So far, it’s a lot of fun!

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