Power of Film


Last night I watched “The Visitor”, an independent film about the Post 9/11 Immigrant Experience and our deportation detention centers that exist in our country. It is a great film. After the film, it got me thinking about how Americans and the American government are housing illegal immigrants in detention centers. There is a line in the film where the character who is being detained, who is from Syria says something close to this; “I am not a terrorist. The terrorists are not in here. They have money. They are not in here. I just want to play my music”.

I told Matthias, I want to do something about this. I am not sure yet, but I feel really powerful about this issue. The film opens my eyes to the way this country is fighting terrorism. We are tearing families apart and creating more and more stereotypes and discrimination. There has to be a better way to fight terrorism and process illegal immigration then holding people in detention centers. There has to be…I encourage you to watch “The Visitor”.

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