Today, I officially changed my name. Matthias and I have been married for about 8 months now. As crazy as it sounds, I finally found today to drive to the Social Security Office and change my name. The process itself did not take very long and it was free. The girls entering in my data hardly said anything to me. I couldn’t help myself but see if they were wearing a wedding ring. Could they relate to what I was doing or feeling?

I wonder if deep down inside every new bride, the part that really scares them isn’t if the wedding pictures will come out or if they could live with their husband. I think its changing their name. I often share with Matthias, that when men get married, the biggest change they experience is wearing the ring. For women, it’s wearing a ring AND physically having to change their name. In away, getting married is a huge identity shift.

Over the last few months, I added Worch to my email signature, changed my name tag and even had the students add Worch to the ASB agenda. But, I had not made the journey to officially change my name until today. Why did I wait to so long? This afternoon, when I told my Dad, I could tell in his voice he was a bit sad. I had been carrying his name for over 30 years. Changing my name made it seem for real. I couldn’t let go completely so I decided to change my middle name from Diane to Estrella.

There will probably be many more significant changes along the road that bring Matthias and I closer but for today, it was taking his name.

My initials are now VW. So look out Volkswagen, my next car might just be one of yours.


  1. thanks for sharing Vic, you are right it is an identity change. I have had many friends who got married in later 20s and 30s struggle with this aspect of marriage more. I am glad you changed your middle name to Estrella to keep that part of what your dad cherishes :)
    PS i miss you!

  2. Oh my! you make me laugh. I loved my maiden name, but couldn’t wait for an easier name! I went from Moderow to Young. And you can’t even pronounce my first name right, how about that last name! ha ha! Those crazy Germans! I am 100% German now married to an italian! 8 years this July! And I wasn’t even going to think about hyphenating. Congrats VW!

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