What’s Your Favorite Part of Being A Mom? Hugs of course!


What is your favorite part of being a mom? Mine has to be the hugs. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

There are the I love you mommy hugs. The I’m so glad you are here mom, what are we doing now hugs. The I want only mom hugs that are really tight and pull at your heart strings. Oh and the She is my mommy – No my mommy! hugs. Those ones need all the hugs space you can give.

I’m a hug kind of person anyway, so hugs from my kids fuel me big time. What I didn’t realize is that hugs are huge for lots of moms. I asked my mom friends on Facebook what their favorite part of being a mom was and a big theme that came back was hugs.  The more hugs you give moms, the more we take it all in. The more we love this super hard, super rewarding, super fun journey of motherhood.

Here is what my mom friends shared with me.

“Hey mamas! I’m taking a survey! We play so many roles during the day from chef, to dance partner, to advisor to teacher. I’m writing a piece for Mother’s Day and I would love to share what your favorite part of being a mom. “

“When they wake up in the morning and they ask me they want kisses and snuggles, and we all get to stay in bed for “snugglelandia” this is how we call it in Spanglish…;) when they tell me “te amo mama” just out of nowhere and nothing….looking right into my eyes…”- Sole Drago

“It’s all good!”-Nancy Zumwalt

“Being the best snuggler and having the magic kiss that can make any boo boo feel better.;)” – Lisa Pearson Hamre

images“Reaping the reward of having grandchildren.” – Barbara Welch

“Getting outside of myself and seeing the world through their eyes.”
– Erin Geary

“Learning how to be playful again.” – Amy Zumwalt Rhodes

“Hugs!” – Heather Strong

“Coming home from a long day at work to my little girl excited to see my running over with a screaming big hug!” – Amy Adkins

“Living each day through their imaginative, creative and funny eyes.” – Denise DeBattisha Tosti

“Knowing that I am their world and that nothing compares to the love and nurture of being a Mom. Teaching them about the world and their place in it. Being fortunate to be home with them while they’re still young children.” – Catherine Wittenkeller Alsterlind

“When they leave and go off to college do not smother them. Let them go, explore and enjoy college. Hovering doesn’t help them nor you grow.” – Robyn Tornay

“I love all the parts. From playing ninja at 6am (because who doesn’t?), to the snuggles at night. I also absolutely love making great memories with them as a family. I hope they remember the fun times. And frankly, they make me try harder to be better. So I guess that’s a side benefit. Parenting is hard. Another thought: watching them learn new things and ask questions. So many things are amazing and magical and I hope they hold on to that magic for a really long time.” – Kate Bromley

“Cuddles, kisses and breastfeeding.” – Julie Buckle

02d48527e8269a4c6f82a80e544820e0“I’ve always said “When they’re sleeping”. Hahahaha. Not just because they’re asleep…although that’s an obvious piece of it…. Seeing your children asleep is magical – it’s like the ultimate thank you for feeling loved, comfortable and safe.” – Melanie Manchi

“My son is nearly 2 1/2 years old now and there are so many favorites, but I have found that I absolutely love when he needs or wants me when I am the most swamped with my to do list when we get home in the evening. It reminds me to slow down and truly be in the moment with him and remember that everything else will wait. I also love the mother/son bond that we share because I have never experienced a relationship like this. As a single Mom with a full-time career outside of our home, our time during the work/school week is pretty limited, so I try to soak in every minute…including car rides to and from school. :)” – Lindsay Kretchman

“All time favorite… Watching them grow in every stage, but especially watching them as adults putting to use the knowledge that you have taught them. Ohh and the funnest part is joking with the kids and embarrassing them!! (In a fun matter, not hurtful) for those with young kids you will understand what I’m talking about when they are teenagers and adults. Lol. I plan ahead of how I’m going to mess with them when ever they come an visit.” – Chell Bee

“Loving two people (that you made) that much! And seeing the world through new eyes!” – Ashley Eagle-Gibbs

“Hmmm…hard question because there are too many “best” things about being a mom. Most favorite, when he reminds me that he needs me. Awesome feeling.” – Maria Villagomez

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