Checking in: Spring Forward


Reading: This month, I joined my first book club. It’s part of my twin club which is really nice. Life has been so full, I haven’t had much chance to visit with fellow twin moms. We’ve picked Susan Mallery’s The Friends We Keep. I finished Elizabeth Egan’s debut novel A Window Opens. Loved it. Loved how I could relate to her story so well. Her novel is about a mom of three returning to work. Being a mom of three myself, who recently to work this past fall, her book fit perfectly with what I was going through. I’m also reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel Big Magic. It’s full of short inspirational chapters that have been a great read at bedtime. Thank you Liz!

Watching: Sam playing T-Ball. Awesome!!

Listening to: San Fransisco’s KFOG Live from the Archives Volume 22. The one song that has stays with me the most is David Gray’s “Back to the World (Live on KFOG)”

Looking forward to: Taking better care of myself. In January I kicked off the new year with a yoga membership and to do whatever I can to get more sleep. Proud to say I’ve kept my promise to go every weekend. I’m very impressed and grateful to have found Sukha Yoga of Novato. Getting back on my mat, I’m mean really getting back on my mat, has transformed my sleep and my spirit. These past few months have been difficult. I’m looking forward with the intention that if I’m not healthy then I can’t be the person I truly want to be.

Sam Update: Sam is a math wiz! He loves math. He continues to love building lego sets and is super excited that his best friends Jack and Francisco are on his T-Ball team. Go South Novato Little League Nationals!

Twin Update: “Knock, Knock? Who’s there? Banana! Banana who? Banana in your face!” Lol! AND “No! I want to do it!” The biggest change in the twins is how much they are talking! They are telling us everything they know, what they want, how they want it, where things are, who they are friends with a school and that you look pretty mom :0) The Knock Knock joke is our favorite game to play with Sam and anyone who visits.

(New to my check in) Marriage After Kids: Lesson #1 “Take care of yourself AND take care of each other” With Spring officially here and winter moving on, I find it fitting to change my last check in subject from “Meaning of Home” to “Marriage After Kids”. As I mention before, this past winter has been difficult. Work and family stress has become the norm in our house which has led to sleepless nights, hard talks and self reflection. We know now that how you take care of yourself effects everything and everyone. And if you stop taking care of yourself, then you can’t truly do all you want to do, you can’t fully enjoy the fruits of your labor, and you stop laughing. When you stop laughing, you stop enjoying. And joy is what we are here for.

The hardest part for my husband and I is that we take care of ourselves differently. We can only be ourselves… And that’s okay. But we’ve learned that real partnership truly happens when you know what your partner needs to do to refuel and you support that. “I’ll watch the kids, take that hike.” “The early yoga class works best for me, have fun! Love you in those yoga pants :)” It’s for sure one way to truly be there for each other.

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