Dads doing it all


In the world of mothers, there is much talk about how women can do it all. We talk about how we try to be there for our children, our husbands, and our co-workers, all while trying to stay healthy and happy. On this father’s day, I want to share how my husband, Matthias Worch is an great example of how men are doing it all too.

He currently is a lead video game designer. While leading his team to great places, he still manages to run home to measure our living room to find the best couch. He stays in shape by watching his diet and his steps as he achieves daily goals to walk 10,000 steps and eat 15o0 or less calories.  He recently programmed into our phones a 9pm reminder to do our 5 minute daily check in. Something he did on his own, the day after he heard me requesting more face to face time. He is the team player that Lean In talks about all the time. He is willing take turns on cleaning the kitchen and giving our son a bath.  He has this way of living that reminds you to have fun while you get the stuff done that has to get done. He grocery shops, changes diapers, builds IKEA Furniture (just this weekend he put together an Toddler Adventure Bed and Loveseat/Chase Couch) and paints bedroom walls all while listening to German Podcasts.

How does he do it all? He has 3 simple requests.

1) That he gets to join his friends for a beer at least once a week.
2) That he gets to play a video game before he goes to sleep.
3) That he gets to take a 2 hour hike on the weekends.

As he wife and partner on this journey of raising a son and twin daughters, I support those requests, because I know he will do the same for me.

To all the dads out there trying to do it all, keep up the amazing work and know there are plenty of us moms who support you and appreciate you! Happy Father’s Day!

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