Being there for someone


My high for today was being there to listen. Through out the day I interviewed faculty and staff for a grad assessment on the mental health of college students and I even got the chance to sit and talk with a few of my own students. In the middle of one of those talks it hit me that my role as an advisor could be compared to a dorm RA.

I remember how I looked up to my residential assistant in the dorms. She was only a few years older then me but for some reason it really made a difference having in her in the building.

Today, I do not manage a residence hall or even work at a campus that has them. However, I realized today that the time I spend listening to my student government officers talk about their jobs, family or finals is just as meaningful to them as the moments I had with my R.A.

Cool beans.

Ohh and on a fun note: Matthias game Lair is being shown during the Play Station 3 commercials. If you see a kick ass dragon on a bridge that’s Matt’s technical art direction in action!

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