Half of Us dealing with it alone


Before I head off to study, I want to share this great wellness resource site that was emailed to me by our Student Health Center Coordinator. It reminds us that many of us are dealing with stress, depression or other life changing events often alone. If you are feeling overwhelmed? What to help a friend? A family member? Take some time to email or visit this great Wellness Site produced by MTV University and ULifeline called www.halfofus.com

This weekend I am working on my Counseling Course Mental Health Workshop. My goal is to find time to write a script of a mental health crisis that could be acted out during my presentation. Will see how it goes. The college is allowing me to use this assignment to develop a workshop for the Spring Semester Flex Day. I so excited for the opportunity. I am starting to see myself shine in the area of Staff Development.

In between studying, I hope to buy a Christmas tree with Matthias and do a little Christmas shopping. Ohh..an finish those Christmas cards.

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