Checking In


A Monday MidDay Check in

Reading: During the day: Facebook. Sometimes, I will find myself getting lost in the articles friends post. At night: Jane Porter’s ‘The Good Wife” the last of the Brennan Sisters trilogy and “Mommy’s Rescue Guide Getting Your Baby to Sleep” by Cynthia MacGregor.
Watching: My husband running around the house fixing things during his lunch hour.
Listening to: My father in-law singing to the girls.
Thankful for: The scent of Olive Oil and Balsam (sweet smelling ointment) used to bless the girls yesterday at their baptism. I love that I can still smell it on them and on my scarf.
Looking forward to: Cooking my first Thanksgiving Dinner. I will miss my sister’s cooking though. She really knows how to cook an amazing Thanksgiving meal. And she does it all from scratch.
Sam Update: If Sam was home right now and not at school, I would be hearing his latest mantra “I need a friend”. He is at that stage where he knows what it is like to enjoy others company. A few weeks ago, I even had him Skype with an old classmate.
Twin lesson: Keep walking. I had much house work to do this morning, but instead, I layered the girls up and went for a walk. So glad I did.
Meaning of Home: Gatherings. Our new home has such great energy and comes alive when family and friends are here. This past weekend, I had my husband moved our living room furniture around to open up the space for our baptism party and it worked.  When you create space for others to gather great memories will form. And the best part was we created chairs out of the most random things so everyone could be at the table.

Feel so much calmer when I get a chance to write. Now, I can start on that house work :)

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