Conference Calls with my Co-Hort


Last night, my co-hort and I had our monthly conference call. It was a great turn out. I have been setting up these call ins for almost 2 1/2 years now. The regular callers are Tira, Liz, Heather and Shauna. Susie from Seattle calls in almost every time. Depending on how crazy her floor is that week. It was nice hearing her voice last night. I had not heard her call in a while. Heather got tied up putting her amazing Caroline to bed so we did not hear her fun voice but I did get to hear Shauna right at the end. My regulars called in Liz and Tira. This year, I have a new member of the 2nd year co-hort who has now called in twice. She advises college students on 1 semester leave in the “high Sierra” of CA. So, welcome Meredith. (Hey Erin, if you are reading this blog, call in girl, the program is almost over! Love to hear from you.)

I have to share this story though. Last night, Liz remembered about a one of my co-hort’s first conference calls. Her boyfriend at the time was really curious about this “call in” thing she was doing. So, she gave him the conference call number and he called in. When I heard the sound for a “new person” I said “hello” and so did the rest of the girls. We just thought it was a tech mess up and went on with our stories. Little did we know we had a listener?

Now, when I have my monthly call ins I will introduce everyone and Liz’s boyfriend. :>)

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