Sailing forward


This week I begin another graduate course. This one is titled Today’s College Students. The main focus of the course is a research paper on a subgroup. My first choice is on the subgroup of Transfer Students who join Greek Life. Why or why not? I think it would be interesting to learn if Greeks consider recruiting incoming transfer students along with incoming freshman.

Today, the students I work with were in the office scrambling to finish their scholarship applications. They even asked to shorten the student government meeting so they could finish their applications. For the first time, I think the office was pretty quiet while 5 students focused on their personal essays. I wish them the best. Any student who applies for financial support will use all the help they can get. It takes a lot out of you to talk about yourself, your strengths, and why you are worthy …kind of like applying for a job. The best part is the feeling you get when you turn it in and let life takes it course. I say go for it, whatever it may be!

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