Bringing Back the Apron


My Facebook page is not public. I’ve learned from advising college students, you need to separate your personal life from your professional. I’m still working on the idea of creating a separate Facebook page for my blog. Until then, I wanted to share this recent post I made last Friday that got a lot of positive support.

Sorry ladies but this modern feminist professional now stay-at-home mom/blogger is bringing back the apron. I need a uniform. I need something that reminds me I’ve got an amazing job to do that needs all my attention and can get messy. Plus, when I remove it, I’m letting my other talents shine. So if you see a cute apron, I’ll take it for that sweet job that includes exploring with two young ladies and an afternoon builder by the name of Sam. Hugs :)”

The moment I made that post, I was trying to work on my blog and watch two toddlers. After I made the post, I closed the computer, put on my apron,  texted my husband and said I need my own “home office space”. With a little help from Target and some extra time on a Saturday night, I had my own home office. It’s now been four days now and I’m excited to share that it has made a huge difference. My Sex and the City Carrie Desk is just right for my Macbook Air, day planner, and other writing tools. I’ve got the baby monitor to my left and the desk facing slighting to the right towards the window.

Right now, my apron is hung in the kitchen. The twins will be waking up soon. Once they do, I’ll put my apron back on and remember my current job is raising two amazing girls.

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