It’s 3pm, I will no longer fold laundry


Ladies, I know myself. I know I could clean, fold laundry, and organize all day. But after being a stay-at-home mom for 14 months and in the middle of training my twin daughters to nap in the afternoon, I learned fast that I had to train myself to break too. That is why from now on when 3pm hits I will no longer fold laundry, clean or cook.I will rest. If I am to train my daughters to sleep then what better way than to be an example. Between 3pm and 4pm, I now read a novel, close my eyes, or watch the World Cup.  I can’t feel guilty and you should not feel guilty either.

Ladies, we all need breaks in our day. If you were at the office, you might use 3pm as your walk to the coffee stand or the moment in the day you sit up straight, stretch, stand up, and take a moment.

Ladies we also need outlets that are different than being a mom. Staying home to raise children is an all consuming job that deserves lunch breaks, vacation time, and professional development. It is not all about folding laundry. As an arranger, I learned that to balance staying home, I needed to schedule breaks in my day that work with my daughters schedule. My twins are 13 months old and still take 2 naps.

Here is an example of what I created for myself. I know your not suppose to schedule “everything” but when you’ve got a four year old and twins, sometimes you need those moments in the day that remind you to break, stimulate your brain, and enjoy your life.

clock18 10am (during twins morning nap)-write a blog post, a letter, organize a project, write a cover letter. Move my mind.

3pm-(during twins afternoon nap)-rest while they nap, close eyes, watch t.v. while not folding laundry. Break.

7pm (after twins bath and in bed) -walk in the neighborhood, to my car on my way to my mom’s night out. Move around without children. Husband takes care of children.

10pm-love my husband, journal the five things I loved and am grateful for that day. Simply let myself love my life before it passes by.

*9am-my bonus hour from earlier in the day :)- Circle time with the girls. Our circle time includes sitting on pillows while we drum, sing, and read. The kitchen might be dirty. I might have not taken a shower yet, but that doesn’t matter when 9am hits I know it’s circle time.

I encourage you to find your hour in the day whether it is 3pm or 11am that includes no cleaning or folding laundry. Only breaking to enjoy this amazing life.

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  1. Victoria,
    I love this so much. Thank you for sharing this with me. I don’t have your cell and need to call you!
    We are having a BBQ tomorrow and I am going to send you info on it. If you don’t already have plans, we’d love to see you. Lisa and Meg will be here too.

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