Checking In From Our New Home


Reading: About to finish Jane Porter’s˜The Good Daughter” part of the Brennan Sisters trilogy. Next one up is her latest “The Good Wife”. Last night, I found a few minutes to read while waiting for a girl friend for dinner. You know you have found your comfort zone when you can bring a book with you as you wait for a friend.
Watching: Sam run around in our new backyard. This is something that has been missing from this little guys life. You can tell by the huge smile he has when he is out there.
Listening to: The twin girls talking away to each other. I think I can start to tell who is who.
Thankful for: Mid-Penisula Parents of Multiples group for publishing an article I wrote called “Leaning in to Motherhood” for their October/November newsletter. The group has over 500 members. I’m super excited to welcome members of the group to my blog. Here is a copy of the newsletter: MPPOMOctNov13 leaning in to motherhood
Looking forward to: hanging our photos and art work in our new home.
Sam Update: he started a new preschool this week. The last preschool he was at he was there for three years. I am so proud of this kid. Experiencing being the new person anywhere is tough and he did it. Plus he finished out the week smiling.
Twin lesson: I have learned that they are two different babies who grew and arrived together. It’s easy to forget this. Some days and nights they will not be on the same schedule or want the same thing. Right now, Lily still likes waking up at 3am.Where Ellie must be rocked to sleep or it will take forever to get her down. I love that they are different.
Meaning of Home: Having the freedom to paint your walls. This is our first time living in a place we own. I’ve discovered that the meaning of home has to be linked to being able to paint your walls may you own or your landlord allows you to paint. There is something about being able to show who you are through colors. Also, look out HGTV but you have a new fan: my husband. For the first time in the 9 years I have known him, I am finding him watching HGTV. That is huge for a video game designer/computer programmer who is used to programming and working on levels in his office. I’m liking this new side of him.

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