A new week starts tomorrow. In the world of Student Affairs, there most likely is a student event happening (for me, it is Day of Silence as well as the dunk tank at the MESA Fair), commitee meetings (I think I saw an email for a text book advisory committee I am part of), and the reality that the final weeks of the semester are fast approaching (5 weeks until finals). Recently, I have been asking the unverse for some sort of balance from the overwheming problem solving I’ve been doing at work. I am happy to say I finally feel a sense of balance. Working on a college campus, I can easly fill my days with advising students and thinking of creative ways to better serve, connect, and educate them. But now, I realize I am a better advisor when I can leave campus heading off to do something completly different.  I feel strong what I do yoga, finish a very long hike with my husband, call a friend. I feel balanced.

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