Checking In From Our New Home

Reading: About to finish Jane Porter’s˜The Good Daughter” part of the Brennan Sisters trilogy. Next one up is her latest “The Good Wife”. Last night, I found a few minutes to read while waiting for a girl friend for dinner. You know you have found your comfort zone when you can bring a book with you as you wait for a friend.
Watching: Sam run around in our new backyard. This is something that has been missing from this little guys life. You can tell by the huge smile he has when he is out there.


Checking in

Slowing down to check in. As I write, I can see the load of laundry and the baby bottles that need to be washed. It can wait. The girls are both asleep. This morning I want to write.

Reading: Remembered an author I enjoyed, Jane Porter who wrote ‘The Good Woman’. I looked her up and found that she had two other novels that are part of her Brennan Sisters trilogy. I’m reading the second one called: ‘The Good Daughter’. I love how the story takes place in the Bay Area mentioning places such as; Oakland, Santa Rosa and the coastal town of Capitola. Plus, this sister who is single living in a small old house that as she describes it reminds me of how before I was married, I would dream about living in an old house with hardwood floors and a front porch located where I could walk to the local cafe.