Checking in


Slowing down to check in. As I write, I can see the load of laundry and the baby bottles that need to be washed. It can wait. The girls are both asleep. This morning I want to write.

Reading: Remembered an author I enjoyed, Jane Porter who wrote ‘The Good Woman’. I looked her up and found that she had two other novels that are part of her Brennan Sisters trilogy. I’m reading the second one called: ‘The Good Daughter’. I love how the story takes place in the Bay Area mentioning places such as; Oakland, Santa Rosa and the coastal town of Capitola. Plus, this sister who is single living in a small old house that as she describes it reminds me of how before I was married, I would dream about living in an old house with hardwood floors and a front porch located where I could walk to the local cafe.
Watching: The fog roll in. In the evening, Sam and I have been taking walks to the campus Vending Machines (we live where I work) to pick up dessert. It’s cute. We ride up the elevator with the two girls in the double stroller. Sometimes I have one of the girls in the babybjorn. We sit on the benches that look over the campus and watch the fog roll in.
Listening to:inspector reports. We are in escrow on our first home. Wow, and we though having twins was a lot to prepare for.
Thankful for: just enough.
Looking forward to: hiking the Stanford Dish this weekend. Rumor is it is something you need to check off your must do in the Peninsula list. I will be walking with some students who are transferring this fall. Hoping to make it an annual hike for student government officers who will be taking that big step to university. I feel with this next move I’m having my own transfer experience.
Sam Update: Can dress himself now. Looking forward to seeing his personal style shine through. This week it was all about keeping the crazy hair look for at least another day.
Twin lesson: Girls are about to be 3 months old! Latest lesson, still need to invest in 2 Graco Swings! Haven’t picked up the second one yet. Hope to when we move. Maybe a new lesson I’ve learned these past weeks would have to be finding ways to connect with each one. With twins, you really have to make an extra effort to slow down and pick up the differences between each one or you will see them as one. I want to give the girls each a chance to show me who they are.
New Check in: Meaning of Home:This summer, our weekend home project has been house hunting. The experience of buying a home vs renting a home has really brought to the forefront the meaning of home for us. I think Matthias said it best the last time we were at the house we are in escrow for. He said ‘Look at it as a vacation home’. For us, the meaning of home has always been about relaxing. We aim to make our home a place we can come back to and refocus, reconnect, and be able to enjoy ourselves and the surrounding area. Now that we have been in the mind set of finding a home to buy, I can’t help but reflect on where we have lived for the last three years. To be able to walk to work or come home for lunch, awesome. To wake up to an amazing view of the Half Moon Bay mountains knowing the coast is just over them, plus on a clear day the whole south bay, unreal. Now with the twin girls here and Sam 3 1/2, the time has come to move on. What I will take from this apartment, this home on Olive Court is a new love for views out any window, perfect size bathrooms, and how much I love being in close quarters with my family. For us, we don’t need a huge house, just enough space to know each other is near and there when you need a hug, share a thought or feel at home.


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