One Word


I recently was at the Community College Student Senate General Assembly in San Diego. During the Advisors reception, I asked everyone to describe this year of advising student government in one word. For me, my word was “new”. I’ve been advising community college student government boards for 7 years and as I come up to our last board meeting, I feel like this was my first year. In a way, that is great. Because the reality is ever student government is their own group. As the board changes, so does the advising. I’m learning that with Student Affairs, there is always something to learn, something to change and something to keep.
I learned- before I ask a board member to sign a contract about conduct, I need to ask them how they prefer to solve conflicts.
I would change- by putting my student workers first.
I would keep- taking my full lunch break, going to yoga, and checking in with my boss.

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