What did I learn while being part of ASB?


At the end of each school year, I have my student government officers complete an online survey asking them to share what they learned and what advice they would give to the next board. Out of 23 students, 11responded. Here is the results of 2 of the questions:

What did you learn while being part of ASB
1     everyone has something to offer
2     how to be more involved in shared governance.
3     leadership
4     I learned about Robert’s Rules and the structure of formal meetings. I also learned the effectively of students in creating a government for other fellow students.
5     That sometimes good work get’s interrupted by bad behavior
6     I learned how to work better as a group, how to use your resources, and how to help others other.
7     that there is more i can do for the students i represented
8     Once we can set aside all of the differences, ASB can be a great team and we help the community and look out for the students.
9     Being a leader requires a lot of patience and understanding not only on my part but also the entire board as a whole.
10     That I have a greater potential. College student government has a purpose. People can be too emotional about politics
11     I learned what it takes to hold a successful event on campus.

What advice would you give to the incoming board?
1     give thanks as often as you can
2     To keep emotion out of the board room and to approach this with a business like attitude.
3     listening to each other
4     Be respectful. Always listen to what others have to say and give them a chance to speak.
5     keep up the good work and always put students first before personal adgendas
6     Use ASB to it’s fullest potential, use the resources, the friendships, and the time you have in the office and working with the people and the students to better benefit yourself as well as others around you and on campus.
7     i wish them luck i think they will need it. they have alot going against this year lossing so many key members that many respected.
8     Learn to communicate to one another. Don’t have a secret agenda. Live life. It’s not me against you, we are all here for the same reason, representing the students.
9     Be open to the advice your fellow board members have no matter how much you agree. Hear everyone out and dont jump to conclusions. Make your decisions not solely on your own ideals but also based on the students you represent. Do not follow people on making decisions just because everyone agrees, but make your own decision based on what you believe is right. Be bold, be truthful, and most of all remember you aren’t just representing yourself, but your representing the campus.
10     Learn about procedure early on. Enjoy what you do,but do your job
11     Remember your duty is to represent the students and not to represent your own interests.

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