Now visiting APU early for StrenghtsQuest


Last Friday morning, after getting some great advise from Tira and support from Matthias, I contacted the course instructor, switched my plane ticket and I am now traveling to APU earlier for the Strengths Quest elective course. I feel at peace and excited about taking this course. I was a little stressed because I was trying to get into a counseling course at Sonoma State or SFSU to use as my elective for my program, but never heard back from them. Then I realized, it was not meant to happen.

Last summer, I took the instrument as part of another course and fell in love with the idea of focusing and finding ways to use your own and others strengths. I mention in my About section my top 5 strengths. Finding what you are good at is awesome. Finding out what you are really great and challenging. I look forward to reporting back on how this elective course will help me use my top 5 strengths “Responsibility, Significance, Maximizer, Arranger and Communication” and encourage others to do the same. My strengths motivate me and drive me nuts at the same time!

To my co-hort ladies! I’m looking forward to seeing all 7 of us strong, smart, sexy and natural at Student Affairs CSA summer track APU class of 2008. Yahoo! 3rd years!


  1. YOU ROCK! I am so excited to see you in a few hours! Glad you took my advice. And I like what you said about us!


    CSA ~ CLASS OF 2008

    WE ROCK!!!!

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