Checking in



Reading: “Momma Zen walking the crooked path of motherhood” by Karen Maezen Miller
Watching: Downton Abbey!!
Listening to: Taylor Swift album “Red”. If you really enjoyed her performance at the Grammys of “All Too Well” you can find that song and many more awesome break up songs on “Red”. I think I’m not the only one out there that remembers how crazy falling in love was in your 20’s.
Thankful for: So much! From being near family, to having my husband working so close, to our twin girls being healthy, to being able to write this blog.
Looking forward to: Attending the retirement party for my Student Activities Advisor Bruce Berkowitz. He is retiring from Sonoma State University after 30+ years. I’m just part of one group of students that he made an impact with. I can’t imagine how many others will be there. He made a real impact.
Sam Update: “When I’m four, I will do (file in the blank)”. He is very aware that he turns 4 next month. He is also in the stage where he tells us what his toys are feeling. A few weeks ago, he called himself Mario and my husband was Luigi. Reminds us all to keep imagining!
Twin lesson: This month, the girls have taught me so much about focusing on what is in front of you. The girls are sitting up, taking each other’s toys, and practically doing something new every day. Whatever is happening in your life, make sure you slow down at some point in the day to take it all in. There are blessings all around. Keep focusing on them.
Meaning of Home: When I was working, there would be times I would have a leadership quote up in our office. I even went through a time when I would include quotes as part of my email signature. Now with being home with the twins, I use Twitter and Facebook to share my House Quotes of the Day. It has become part of my morning ritual and I like the feeling of sharing something with others even though I don’t get to see them in person. The quote above is our current quote. I use a black board my sister gave me for Christmas 2 years ago. It hangs outside our front door. We call it our “Cline Sign” similar to the sign at the Cline Winery off Hwy 121 in Sonoma County, CA. I usually come up with a quote in the morning.  If you would like to follow along my Twitter account is “cafevic”.


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