Last day of spring semester


Ahh, the last day of the spring semester. Tonight is graduation. I have the role of the floor manager. Which is a lot of fun by they way, because it takes me back to my theatre stage managing days. Que the music and starting the show on time! This weekend is the annual family tradition of watching the Indy 500. For the first time my parents are driving down here to watch it at our place, as my sister comes into town to do final Bridesmaid dress stuff. I am looking forward to it! Of course, the best part about living in 2007 is you can “DVR” the race and start watching it at 10am or 11am instead of right at 9am. Ahh..but if you asked my sister and I if we went to church while growing up, the answer to that would be no..there was a Cart race on. Go Michael Andretti! Break the curse!

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