Six degrees of separation


In less then a month Sony will be releasing the hot new video game Lair for the Playstation 3. The cool part about this release is we are all connected to the makers of this fantastic “Jurassic Park in realtime” game (as Matthias Worch describes it). The talented Matthias Worch, my fiancé and his amazing artists and programmers are ready to entertain you. is your six degrees of separation. You know me, and/or Matthias, I know Matthias, Matthias was instrumental to Lair, Lair commercials are arriving every day on the t.v. & in magazines, Lair becomes famous—Yahoo, so are you! Ahh so now you can say “you know someone, who knows someone, who worked on Lair.”

For more information on Lair visit:

And to top if off, Sony has knocked off $100.00 of the price of the PS3. Sweet!

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