Can I get college credit for this?


Some days it feels as if I joined the motherhood train a bit later than others. Some days I seem to forget that working in education leaves me seeing the world from “semester” time frames and the outcome being a passing grade or receiving a diploma. Recently, I’ve wanted to get some sort of credit, a grade or even extra credit for being a new mom. I’m coming up on Sam turning 6 months and I have never done so much work in such a short period of time. And I thought a graduate course every 9 weeks was tough. Try teaching Sam to sleep through the night, or balancing nursing while returning to work. I’m really proud of myself but for those of us in education, we are used to getting a grade or some sort of certificate recognizing us for the effort and great work we have done. For motherhood, the “A or B+” will come in ways I have yet to realize. For now, I am going to say the laughs Sam gives me while I am changing him is a sure sign I’m doing a pretty good job as his mom.

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  1. You are doing beyond an A. I think you are in the honors system. Especially when you have so many suggestions coming at you and you still know when to listen and when to not and when to ask questions. Sam is also showing you had great you are because he takes his cues from you. And he is the most easy going baby (except when he needs to sleep) and loves everyone. Which I take that you are easy going around him. You get my picture. :)

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