NCAA Men’s Sweet Sixteen Picks


What better way to market your college than to have your men’s basketball team end up in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, or Elite Eight. I remember when I was on National Student Exchange in 1997-1998 at Rhode Island College and I think it was Providence College or Rhode Island University made it into the Elite Eight. For the first time, those colleges were on the map! And my friends back at Sonoma State remembered that I was gone..and were like “is that where you are V”? Best advertising ever!

Matthias and I picks (random and researched):
Vic’s got Northern Iowa, Matthias has Michigan St.
V-got Tennesse, M-Ohio St.
V-Syracuse, M-Butler
V-Kansas St., M-Xavier
V-Cornell, M-Kentucky
V-West Virgina, M-Washington
V-Duke (wish is was Cal), M-Purdue
V-St Mary’s (Yay for the local team!), M-Baylor

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