The Future of Work, thanks to Time Mag.


A few weeks ago, Time Magazine printed a great cover story about the future of work. They pretty much shared the hard truths generation x will be facing now that the baby boomers are retiring. I’ve started to look at it as this huge amount of people, (my parents and their friends), leaving the workforce for my generation (a small but very educated and smart group of people) to step up. Think about it, the one postive thing to the baby boomers retiring is there will be jobs to fill but there also will be jobs not filled and that is okay. We have to remember, the baby boomers were a huge generation! Many came from large families. When I was in high school, there were very few families who had more then 2 kids. For now, we might be okay.

Now, imagine 10 years down the road (I will be 42). Here are highlights from Time’s cover story and what they predict work will be like:
1. Job growth will happen in places like Texas, New Mexico, Georgia.
2. The top jobs predicted to grow the most by 2016 will be retail salespersons, registered nurses, post secondary teachers (yeah for me!) and personal-home care aides.
3. MBA graduates will be more honest and have integrity in business.
4. Benefits, what benefits? Time reported that “57% employers who say they have stopped offering a traditional pension plan-or are considering it.” Colleges might want to seriously looking to add Personal Financial Management courses as part of their General Education.
5. Flexible work schedules! Time reported that “80% segment of employees who would want to work flexibility if it didn’t harm their careers.”
6. Some baby boomers might still be working. Time addressed the fact that large amounts of retirement money was in U.S. Savings (which are down), and many thought they saved enough, but they didn’t. So, for those us ready to move up the career later..we will have to wait a few more years.
7. Women will be leading. Time reported that in 10 years, there will be an 8% of growth of women in the workforce.
8. Going green will save the planet and for many us, save our careers. Time found that 2.5 million estimated jobs will be green jobs.
9. Are you ready to work for yourself? Time preditcts 40% of the workforce will be Indendant Contractors. Wow, that is a large number.
10. Ohh, while you are working for yourself, you will most likely be telecommunting.
-Time Magazine, May 25, 2009. Cover Story, The Future of Work. Click here to read the complete article.

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