This week, I added a new catagory in my blog. It is called “Real Simple” after the magainze. I’ve been a Real Simple reader for a long time. One of the things they always offer is “question of the month”.  I’ve always wanted to start answering those questions on my blog. I think it is a fun way to share some fun thoughts and insight.

September’s question was “What does home mean to you?

For me, home means favorite places. There are so many places I love inside our house. I love the eating table in our kitchen. It’s where I eat breakfast and look out the window each morning. I love sitting on the couch with Matthias and catching up on all our favorite t.v. shows, thanks to our Comcast DVR. And, I love our front porch. It is a great place to visit with guests, enjoy a really good book or sit and relax.


  1. Home is the best place one can be. It is where we get rejuvenated with our loved ones and fired up for life. Hope you are doing well Vic! Are you taking that class?

  2. Hey Tira,
    I am still taking the career counseling class. I’ve asked for an extension. Things are busy right now will my professional association CCCSAA but after our Leadership Conference in mid-Oct. things should calm down and then I can focus on the class. I hope you are doing well too!!

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