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Feel Like Heaven


I felt Heaven today. You might be asking? When? How? Where? I have to tell you. It was the moments when I simply focused on what was in front of me and didn’t give another thought. I literally just focused on what I saw and didn’t let my mind wander.

I gave the twins their bath and let the feelings of “another thing I’m doing” go and just like that, I was in Heaven.

When I was unloading the dishwasher, the feelings of “is this all there is“, gone, and just like that I was in Heaven.

When I realized that I had stopped worrying about my future and was focused on brushing my teeth. Heaven.

I read this great post about the Ego side of our brain called “Protect your ‘Now’-Don’t Get Mind-Jacked” from Reflections of a Healing Mind.

There is your Ego and there is your Now. I thought the Ego was what kept you going. I thought it was the part of the brain that reminded you of who you are and not to forget that. I thought your Ego was the one to remind you of where you’ve come, what you are capable of, and to not let anyone hold you back. And then I realized that Ego will hold you back, because following your Ego will never bring you the happiness or the peace you really long for.

I can see the Now is Heaven. The Now is what you have created. It is the results of all your hard work. The Now is your life. The one filled with love, kindness, gratitude, family, friends, and beauty. The Now is nothing more or nothing less. The Now is the hard stuff that you are doing and not even realizing it. The Now is the easy stuff that you don’t even realize is awesome to have.

And just like that, today, I chose to focus on the Now, as much as I wanted to focus on Me, Myself, and my Ego. I was surprised that the Now offered me so much more and felt like Heaven.

Try it. What do you feel when you stop and think about what you are doing right now? When you see what you are doing right now and you realize, you don’t have to feel anything. You don’t have to judge yourself, or be proud of yourself. You can just be here. The rest of life will take care of itself because you will feel the energy to move on to the next task that is needed.

Trust yourself. There is no need to plan something else, while you are doing something else. Try planning as an actual task that involves sitting down with a calendar, or note book. If you need to do something for someone, make time to work on it and let that thought go. If you are worried about how someone will react, deal with the reaction when it comes. Otherwise, aim to focus on what is in front of you. You are no less of a person for not worrying.

Everyone deserves to feel Heaven. Let yourself too.

No need to think about it. Just turn your mind to what you are doing right now and allow it to happen. Feel Heaven.

























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