Sharing my birthday with the NFL


For the last couple years, when my birthday and Super Bowl would roll around, I would start telling stories about how my birthday USED to land on the Super Bowl. In college, there was my 20th birthday Super Bowl party hosted by my awesome friend Marta. Totally fun, lots of friends. The best part was for many it was their first Super Bowl. Ohh..and there was my 14th birthday that had t.v. trays, Mom, Dad and Missy, and I think it might have been the 49ers. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is I will now enjoy the break the NFL has created by moving the game to the first weekend in February. I will let my fellow February Aquarians enjoy chicken wings, brand new commercials and birthday cake. For me, I will enjoy the simplicity of the German tradition where I open presents at Midnight. Then wake up sharing my birthday with just myself and my amazing husband. Thanks NFL for the great memories.

On a fun note: Happy Birthday to me and my friends :>)
Famous people born on my birthday, Jan. 26-Wayne Gretzky (Yeah!) Paul Newman (Sexy), Jules Feiffer (Don’t know who she is but she must be awesome), Eddie Van Halen (Double Yeah!), Ellen DeGeneres (Turned 50. Hardly looks like.), Kirk Franklin (Don’t know who he is but must be pretty awesome) and Lucinda Williams (Love her music. She was amazing in concert)

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