Birthday Memories


Today is my 32 birthday. Yahoo! Life is good. I took the day off from work. My new motto for my 30’s is no working on your birthday. I was telling my sister last night that I’ve come to appreciate birthdays more. This morning, I was thinking of some pretty cool birthday memories.
•    My Mom and Dad putting my sister and me on the birthday list for the Grass Valley local morning radio news program. Every year! Then on the way to school, they always made sure we heard it.
•    The Super bowl party for my 20th birthday. I think my birthday actually landed on the Super Bowl that year. Marta and I always share stories about that party.
•    I recently watched the video of my 13th birthday. I think it was my first coed pizza birthday party. My friends Melissa and Natalya did all the girls’ hair and there was slow dancing.  Ahh…junior high…
Today, my husband Matthias has some things planned for the day. My only task is to meet him at Noon, dressed for the outdoors and with my present in hand.

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