We did well today America


Today, I could not join the many thousands who stood through the cold and the wind to see Obama become the 44th U.S. President. But, I want you to know, my thoughts were there. I truly believe all of us, in our own special way, took a moment to reflect that change has come to America. The good change. The change that moves people forward. The change that gets you thinking about your own personal assumptions or fears or even hopes. The kind of change you are happy for. Everything happens for a reason. And everything happens because of something before it. No one is perfect. But today is a new day for all of us. I loved how forgiveness and humility and pull yourself up, because you can America! This is America. What is your dream? (Sorry, was tunneling “Pretty Woman” for a second there), was the main themes of the day. I loved the prayers spoken. I loved the poem given. I love my DVR so I could go back and watch it when I got home. We did well today America. We did great!

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