10 Accomplishments I Value the Most


Tonight, I gave a presentation to the College’s Board of Trustees about Student Life. I shared my annual report from the previous school year and talked about what I thought was the backbone to making ASB so successful at Napa Valley College. One of the board members asked me what was one or two things I have learned while being in this job for the last 6 years. I answered with “I learned that I am a great leader and I know how to build teams. In the future, I think I would make a great Vice President of Student Services. . .”

As I was driving home, I thought about what I said. Did I step out too far? Was I too honest? Is that what I really want to do or did I say that because I felt confidence and powerful in my outfit? But then I read something in this month’s Oprah Magazine about how there are many us out there who constantly keep looking for more. That for some crazy reason what we have already achieved is not enough. The author called this behavior as “Self-Deprecator” The author recommended self-deprecators to write down “100 things you’ve accomplished that are valuable to you. Not anyone else. Just you”

For today, how about 10

1.    Confronting a co-worker who was frustrated with me
2.    Calling my parents every week
3.    Have a strong relationship with my sister
4.    Making time to be with my husband
5.    Being there for my students when they needed me the most
6.    Taking care of my health
7.    Taking care of my car, and paying the bills on time
8.    Staying in touch with friends
9.    Starting and finishing my education
10.    Co-Creating NVC Day at Napa Valley College

There are lots I want to do in my life time. But for my life right now, it feels great to WANT to do something more than feeling I NEED to do something more. I want to focus on owning a home and starting a family.
I know that if I wanted to go after the job of Vice President of Student Services some day, I would be pretty good at.

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